Student FAQs

  1. What is the price breakdown for the academic year?

    The rent per room for the academic year is €4,350.

    You should add the following:

    €300 i.e. your security deposit which is refundable at the end of the academic year provided vacated condition is satisfactory,

    €250 i.e. your utilities payment which includes refuse services, wifi, TV license, €200 i.e. your energy allocation ( a refund applies if under used /additional charge if additional usage).

    = €750 for your deposit and utilities.

    So, your total payment therefore is €5,100.

  2. Does my LILA room have an internet connection?

    Yes, internet access is provided and included in your utilities payment above.

  3. How are Rooms allocated?

    Rooms(all ensuite) are progressively allocated as bookings received.

  4. How are Roommates allocated?

    Friends who wish to share are accommodated subject to demand, provided you both clearly request this option on your Application Forms in good time.

  5. Do I have to vacate for Christmas & Easter breaks?

    No, you enjoy your exclusive use of your room and apartment for the full academic year.

  6. How early should I confirm my Reservation?

    You are advised to book as early as possible. As soon as payment is made through our website you will receive confirmation of your booking.

  7. Are Visitors allowed to Apartments?

    Yes, however all non-residents must have left before 11pm. No overnight guests are allowed in order to ensure the safety and privacy of all residents.

  8. Are Apartment numbers allocated before I check-in?

    No, you are provided with apartment details on your arrival for academic year.

  9. Are insurances for my own belongings included in Fees?

    No, you must take out insurance cover for your own belongings / possessions.

  10. Can I rent a room for part of the Academic Year?

    No, you can only book a room for the full academic year, whether you attend for the full academic year or not. LILA understands that there is still uncertainty arising from the COVID pandemic and in turn adopt a fair approach to students should their attendance be cut short due to the pandemic.

  11. What happens if I pay for accommodation and am not subsequently offered a place in St Angela’s College or Sligo IT?

    If the Applicant is not successful he/she must apply in writing for refund of booking deposit no later than 5pm on Tuesday 21st September 2021.

  12. What happens if I leave before end of the Academic year?

    No refunds are made in the case of early departure.

  13. Are there Apartment checks?

    Yes, checks will be carried out every 4 weeks. Only internal common areas of each apartment will be inspected.

  14. What do I do with my rubbish?

    Refuse bins on site are clearly marked, recycling bins are also available and we encourage you to make full use of these.
  15. Where can I read the LILA Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct?

    You can view the LILA Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct on the website Upon completing your booking and reading and selecting the website Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct you agree to abide by all of the said Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct.

  16. LILA’s Privacy Policy:

    LILA’s Data Protection Protocol is in strict compliance with the law.

  17. Duvet & pillow

    A duvet & pillow will be provided for each student moving in, please bring your own 5’ duvet cover & a pillow cover.