LILA Code of Conduct

General Rules and Regulations

Students must take care to ensure that all doors and windows are kept closed prior to leaving their room/apartment each time they vacate the premises. It is the responsibility of students to keep their bedroom door closed when not present in the apartment. Lake Isle Luxury Apartments (LILA) or its agents take no responsibility for loss of property to students. Students MUST ensure that their property is insured and provide proof, if requested, of said insurance to LILA or its agents.

It is the responsibility of all students to keep his/her access control card safe. The access control card gives students access to his/her apartment and the different students’ areas of the complex. Replacement cards, if lost or stolen, are issued during office hours only at a cost of €15 each.

Under no circumstances are parties or gatherings permitted in the apartments managed by LILA or its agents. Students disregarding this rule may be fined and requested to vacate the complex with immediate effect and with no refund of fees or deposit.

After 11pm, only residents of LILA will be permitted on the complex.

Students causing damage or not complying with any aspect of this Code of Conduct may not be allowed to continue their occupancy of Lake Isle Luxury Apartments. There may be no refund of fees or deposit in a case such as this.

The use, abuse or misuse of any illegal, controlled or cosmetic substances will result in immediate expulsion from the complex with no refund of fees or deposit. LILA or their agents work in close cooperation with An Garda Siochana (Irish Police) in order to ensure the safety of all students residing on the complex. It is our policy to ensure a safe and clean environment.

Students and their parents are jointly and severally liable for the cost or replacement of any property on the complex which associated students or friends of associated student’s damage.

Any student who removes or damages a fire alarm or safety device will be evicted and will be reported to An Garda Siochana and the fire brigade. A fine of €100 may be imposed on any individual or the tenants of an apartment where any piece of safety equipment is damaged.

LILA or its agents will not be held responsible for injury to any student caused by the student’s own negligence or disregard of the LILA rules and regulations or due to the disregard or breach of the LILA rules and regulations by any other student(s) or invited guest(s) of student(s).

Students are required to show respect for the LILA staff of the complex at all times, and must obey the lawful instructions of any member of the staff at all times.

A student must identify him/herself to any member of LILA or the appointed agents when requested to do so. A student identity card must be produced when requested as proof of identity.

During the hours of 11pm to 8am noise levels in the complex must be kept to a minimum for the comfort of all students.

Students must make prior application (at least 24 hours notice is required in all cases) to LILA or its agents in order to permit any person(s) other than a fellow tenant reside on the complex overnight.

The agreement of all the persons sharing an apartment is also required. This practice should not occur on a regular basis.

The apartments may be inspected monthly in order to ensure acceptable standards of cleanliness and damage limitation. Spot checks may take place without notice should the standard of cleanliness not be satisfactory. The private room of each student will only be inspected on prior notice. Students are fully responsible for the cleaning costs in addition to any damage over and above normal wear and tear.

Students must use the refuse disposal facilities provided. LILA and its agents are committed to a policy of recycling, and students must adhere to this policy.

Under no circumstances must any object be placed in the halls or landings of the apartments. Bicycles must be stored in the bicycle sheds provided. Bicycles found in the properties will be confiscated and a fine of €50.00 must be paid before return of the said item.

Wet clothing must not be placed on or near the heating facilities. Laundry facilities are provided on the complex. Drying of any item from the windows of the student’s apartment or other areas is strictly prohibited.

Failure to maintain the apartment in an acceptable living condition may lead to a fine or expulsion with immediate effect with no refund of fees or deposit. Kitchens, ovens and bathrooms carry particular health risks of which students must be aware. Damage to walls whether by abuse or hanging of posters or pictures is forbidden.

Damage to any part of the property may result in expulsion with no refund of fees or deposit.

LILA’s Acceptable Use Policy binds the use of the internet facilities and email. Transmitting any item, which offends or assists in the spread of any virus, may result in immediate expulsion from the complex with no refund of fees or deposit.

LILA or its agents will request any student not observing normal and acceptable behaviour, or those responsible for any damage to apartments, to leave the complex with immediate effect. No refund of any payments inclusive of deposit will be made in such cases and any damage will be the responsibility of the student(s) and/or Parent(s) and may be pursued through legal channels if necessary. All costs incurred in such action(s) will be the responsibility of the Student(s)/Parent(s).

LILA or its agents may prohibit any person from entering the complex properties or grounds.

LILA or its agents may suspend a student without refund of fees for any serious breach of rules and regulations.

Students are obliged to adhere rigorously to LILA or its agent’s Health and Safety Statement and Fire Policy.

The complex is a no smoking area. You hereby agree not to smoke in your room/apartment/block/common areas or elsewhere on the complex save in the designated area.

Electricity readings will be taken every two months. You will be given a statement of usage and any amount outstanding which is in excess of your electricity allowance must be paid to LILA or its agents on or before the appointed date. Students are jointly and severally liable for the discharge of all monies due on the electricity account.

Failure to comply with any aspect of this Code of Conduct or the terms and conditions may lead to immediate expulsion from the complex.

Students taking up residence with LILA do so on the understanding that the term is from September 1st 2021 to May 27th 2022 (unless otherwise agreed) and are required to pay their rents as they fall due. Where a student decides to vacate his/her apartment prior to the termination date no discounts or refunds will be issued for the remainder of the term. This is a strict rule of the complex and a student may only take up residence on this understanding.

Environment and Waste Recycling

LILA or its agents operate an environmentally friendly waste and recycling policy.

There will be a Coloured Recycling Bin Programme in place on the complex. The do’s and don’ts for each colour code bin will be made available to you and you are required to adhere to the policies involved.

Procedure in cases of misconduct

The student(s) shall be informed either verbally or in writing of the details of the complaint or offence.

At the discretion of LILA and depending on the seriousness of the breach, the student may be instructed to immediately vacate the complex.


This Code of Conduct may be amended from time to time by LILA or its agents. You will receive notice of all amendments or additions thereto and you hereby agree to be bound by them.